Flying Vagabond

“I never dreamed that I would one day be the pilot-in-command of a large transport category aircraft weighing several tons, plying the airways in all types of weather, incurring responsibilities never imagined! Yet, here I am and loving every minute of it. I do wonder about those moments of “stark terror” I had heard described by older, more seasoned pilots! So far, so good.”

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“If the 9-5 grind has sapped your energy and you are looking for
some heart pulsing adventure without the use of a defibrillator, then
Master Award Winning Pilot-Captain Eddie Gantner’s book:
“Flying Vagabond” is what you need. It will keep you riveted,
chapter to chapter… and happily, away from your doctor’s office.
It is an amazing journey of one man’s dream brought to reality.
Captains Eddies trails blaze across the U.S; Europe; The Middle
East; and Africa. One heart stopping exploit after another. If I were
up there in the Third Dimension and things were not going well, I
would want Captain Eddie Gantner right by my side. So, Ladies
and Gentlemen: Fasten your seatbelts, and let the journey begin.”
– Captain William Leonardi “Dancing Through the Maze”.

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Kindle eBook Edition

Kindle eBook Edition.

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“From the big radial engine transports to private luxury jets, Captain Eddie has had one hell-of-a-ride and it’s all in this book…Well, almost all!”
– Jay Malloy, Captain, Continental Airlines (Ret.)

“Flying Vagabond” puts you squarely in the cockpit with Captain Eddie and his many adventures. His love of aviation is evident in these many antidotes and his development from low time pilot flying marginal WWII equipment (read big radial engines) to international captain of state of art corporate jet aircraft is spellbinding. Few pilots would admit to many of these “adventures”, but Captain Eddie allows you to sit in his “office” while he takes on weather, aircrew, aircraft and Aviation Authority (read FAA) in order to complete his missions. I found this book to be an excellent aviation read that shows a “real life” portrait of what aviation was like in the 1960’s to the early 21st century. It is a history of an OLD and BOLD (sometimes not so smart) pilot that you will find most enjoyable and very difficult to put down. ENJOY!!!”
– Doug Simpson, CDR US Navy (Ret.) F-8, Falcon

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Autographed Paperback Edition

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Kindle eBook Edition

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